SynthLab Studios provides this privacy policy to explain how it handles user data pertaining to “OverDrive”.

Personal Information

SynthLab Studios does not collect or store any personally identifying information from our users.

OverDrive does store non-personal, game-related information from its players to enhance gameplay. This data is collected to ensure a persisting experience for the player, and can be deleted at any time through the in-game settings. Data collected now or in the future may be disclosed to legal authorities if requested, or required by law.

The stored information is as listed

OverDrive makes use of Unity's SDK, which may collect device information such as IDFA, Android Ad ID, IDFV, and MAC addres. This information is used purely for analytical purposes, and is never accessed by SynthLab Studios. You can read more about Unity's privacy policy here:
Unity Privacy Policy
Unity GDPR and Data Privacy

Third Parties

OverDrive implements the use of Google AdMob to display advertisements to users. AdMob collects data regarding advertisement performance, user interaction with ads, and user interests. You can find out more about Google AdMob’s policies here:
AdMob & AdSense Policies
Google AdMob on GDPR
Google Privacy Policy


OverDrive implements in-app purchases to purchase virtual content with real money. In order to do this, third party services are implemented to process payments. You can find out more about how they handle your information below.

Google Play:
Google Play Terms of Services
Google Play Developer Privacy Policy

App Store:
App Store Privacy Policy
Apple Privacy Policy


If you have any questions or concerns regarding user privacy while using the application, please contact us via email at